Social telephony platform

Zeetl brings power of voice interactions to social media conversations. Enhance your social media support by combining power of social networks and innate human way of interaction.

3.6 tweets made on average by one customer about one issue

3.6 tweets made on average by one customer about one issue

How Zeetl works

Public and unique link

Company posts unique link on Twitter or Facebook in reply to customer complaint. There is no need for customer to follow and DM company. Link is publicly available but accessible only to specific customer through authentication. Once link is opened, customer is provided with dedicated local support phone number and SkypeID. Zeetl allows brands to stay in control of brand image online and take support conversations offline, by providing instant frictionless voice channel between customers that seeks assistance on Twitter or Facebook and support team.

Dedicated local support phone number or Skype ID

Each customer is provided unique local phone number and Skype ID. Customer is able to select different location to get local phone number in selected location. Once customer calls dedicated local phone number or SkypeID call is forwarded to company contact center. Agent that is responding to this call is provided with original post containing customer complaint, customer social profile. Once call is completed agent can release dedicated number and Skype ID or keep them active to enable specific customer to call again later.